AROUSE feels Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. It is a tool, a facilitator, a doorway to self discovery, a passage that leads to mainstream of social and economic life. It is a necessary perquisite for development. The organization believes that whether you are addressing poverty, unemployment, human rights, healthcare, there is no better place to start with than in the floor of education.

In fact AROUSE started its journey on mission education with “injot dahar” on Adult education basically the alphabetization in the rural areas in 1978. Later in the year 1983 started Balwadi centers for children in 52 villages. Further it continued with village library and MDG.


Livelihood is the focused area for economic development.  Since its inception AROUSE is working on the sustainable livelihood for food security through various intervention on farm and non-farm activity to improve the living pattern and income generation for rural and tribal households. AROUSE has been working in remote and fragile geographies to effectively reduce poverty, ensure tangible food security and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their families.

In the past AROUSE has worked on various livelihood projects like EDP in 1981, Water conservation & Agriculture development in 1993-96, Pond construction, Watershed project in 1996-2006, Poultry & goat farming, SRI, SOUL project in 2013-2018.

In the recent years AROUSE is working on the impact of climate change and adverse effect on the livelihood. The Organization had taken measures like organic farming, construction of vermin-compost pits, SRI, kitchen garden and awareness generation on the related issues.

Health & Nutrition

Health is a constant & continual worry for all. AROUSE has worked intensively to address issues of in adequate health facilities in remote areas. The various areas of healthcare system delivery addressed by AROUSE through different projects such as Integrated Community Health Program in 1988, Central Referral Clinic in 1988, Water & Sanitation in 93-94, Care Project in 2008-11, Leprosy Project in 2012-16 and Vitamin ‘A’ Supplements in 2015.

The Organization’s intervention in the health sector work is to improve access to quality health services for the poor and the marginalized communities. AROUSE work with community, in collaboration with government and civil society to improve health and nutrition status of the vulnerable communities particularly women and children.

Women Empowerment & Gender Justice

Gender inequality has been a social issue in India for centuries. In many parts of India, the birth of a girl child is not welcomed is a known fact. The patriarchal norms have marked women as inferior to men. Though in 21st Century women have proved that they are not less than men but still we realize the injustice towards women.

AROUSE at its endeavor is continuously working for women empowerment to access and avail rights & entitlements and create an equal and just society. In 1993-95, AROUSE sensitized and oriented women of leadership through TWINE project, during the year 2012-2015 AROUSE was very much engaged in SHG formation, in the year 2018-2019 we worked on digital literacy of women through Internet Sathi and Niti Ayog.

Child Care

Every child deserves a happy and safe childhood is what we believe. In the remote area the situation of children is still unsafe; they are far away with the basic facilities of health, nutrition and education. At their tender age children are pushed into child labour, child marriage, child abuse, child trafficking etc.

Through our work, we protect children from different forms of harm and create a child friendly environment for the overall growth.

Through various projects and intervention AROUSE is continuously working for the protection of the rights of the children. Starting with Integrated Balwadi, women and child care, Vitamin-A Supplement  and other health related projects AROUSE aims to provide experiences and proper environmental conditions which will promote physical, mental, emotional and social growth of children. At present through CHILDLINE we are working on the safety of the children.

Local Governance

Governance is one of the major thematic areas of AROUSE with the sole objective of Deepening democracy and social inclusion through community awareness building on rights and entitlement under the provision of the constitutional rights.

In the year 1992 AROUSE started a bureau staffed by legal experts to help villagers in obtaining their rights and fighting all forms of injustice and oppression. With this thematic area AROUSE is basically working on the empowerment of Gram Sabha to enable the tribal community and other villages to manage their own development. This is also a platform where people bring out the social issues, discuss and plan for the solutions. They address the issues of public service and monitor them.

The local tribal community can use the knowledge of legal provisions under PESA together with their traditional practices to gain control over their own resources and take responsibility to create a more viable and sustainable model of development for themselves where Gram Sabha is the centre of planning and implementation process.


Climate change is proving out to be one of the greatest challenges faced by the global community today. The analysis of past trends and current erratic behaviour in climatic events shows that changes being experienced in the climate of Jharkhand are the proof of natural climate variability prevailing in the state.

As the Organization is situated in the area where the people are mostly inhabited in the beauty of flora & fauna of forest the organization also work on the preservation of the environment. As the inhabitant particularly the tribals depend upon the Jal-Jangal & Jameen (water-forest & land), we work on the preservation of the natural resource in order to maintain the better environment.

AROUSE has worked in social forestry in 1983-1988 for restoration of hilly track, Non conventional energy program was implemented in 1985 for the installation of Biogas, in 2001, water project was implemented for water conservation. At present we are working in the Forest Right Act for the claim generation.