All Projects Details

SN. Name of the projectDuration Funded by Type of Activity Area of coverage
1Adult Education 1978-1988NLMAlphabetisation progrmme for adults and young adults.Gumla Block
2Entrepreneur Development Programme1981Training programme for small, independent entrepreneurs, with the aim of diversifying the village economy.Gumla Block
3Irrigation Wells Programme1982-1986Meso GumlaWell constructionGumla Block
4Itegrated Balwadi Programe 1983-2000MessiorNon formal education of poor rural children in the age bracket of 2 to 5 years. Gumla and Simdega district
5Social Forestry 1983-1988Meso GumlaReforestration of hilly tracts and unarable land.Gumla Block
6Non -Conventional Energy Programme1985Biogas InstallationsGumla District
7Community Dairy Project1987-1990Milk production and sale by a village cooperativeGumla Block
8Food Preservation1988AROUSEPreservation of jungle and garden fruits through preparation of jam, jelly,chutney and sherbet.Gumla District
9Integrated Community Health Programme1988Community health care and hygieneGumla and Simdega District
10Central Referral Clinic1989Health CheckupAROUSE
11Preservation and Extension of Aborginal Cultural Heritage1991The Scheme envisages the training of Grassroot artistes Gumla and Simdega District
12TWINE1993- 1995Training on Women LeadershipGumla District
13Water & Sanitation 1993-1996UNICEF (P.H.E.D.)SanitationGumla, Raidih
14B.P.D.P. (Bihar Pathari devolopement prog.)1993-1996Govt. Of BiharWater conservation and Agriculture DevelopmentGumla, Raidih
15Core Code 1. Sericulture 2. N.L.M 3.PEACH 4. LAB 1993-19981.Agriculture Development 2.Literacy 3.Cultural Development 4.LegalSimdega District & Gumla District
16P.V.O.H. ( Health )1995-1998Health Department HealthRaidih
17Pond Construction 1995-1998Meso Project Gumla District
18Watershed Project 1996- 2006Water conservation and Agriculture developmentGumla District & Simdega District
19Micro Project1998-2000Agriculture Development with the help of Local contribution from the village.Gumla and Simdega district
20Village Library1998-2000NLMPart of Injot DaharGumla and Simdega district
21PALASH1998 - 2008CASALivelihoodGumla and Simdega district
22R.E.D.P2004 to 2007NABARDEntrepreneurship developmentGumla and Simdega district
23Care Project2008-2011UNICEFHealthChainpur, Basia, Bishunpur
24TWAIN2008-2012Manos UnidasWomen and Child EmpowermentGumla and Simdega district
25Web Project2008/ 2003-2005Women EmpowermentGumla and Simdega district
26(Poultry) Shed Contruction 2009-2011Eco NitherlandPoultry FarmingRaidih
27S.D.I 2010NABARDSkill Development InitiativeGumla District
28Farmer Club2010 to 2013NABARDAgriculture technical developmentGumla, Brinda Panchayat
29Leprosy Project 2012 to 2016Damian Foundation Self care by patient and providing Government support Gumla, Raidih, Chainpur, Sisai, Dumri, Basia, Bharno
30SHG2012-2015NABARDWomen empowerment developmentGumla, Simdega, Lohardaga District
31Soul Project 2013-2018IGSSSLivelihoodGumla, Simdega, Lohardaga
32Vitamin A Supliment 2015UNICEFGiving Vitamin A drop to children from 9 months to 5 yaers.Sam Chotanagpur
33Childline Programe 2015CIFChild protectionGumla District
34SRIAgriculture technical developmentGumla, Simdega, Lohardaga District
35MDG2011-2014EuropeAidRaising Public Awareness of Development Issues and Promoting Development Education in the Educational Institutions.Ranchi, Gumla
36Internet Saathi2018 to 2019PHIADigital Literacy developmentGumla, Palkot, Raidih and Sisai Block
37NITI AYOG2019 to 2020PHIAEducation, Health and Agriculture sector surveyGumla, Palkot, Basia, Raidih, Chainpur and A.E Jari Block.
38F.R.A2020 to .....PHIAProviding a forest right leaseGumla district