Preservation & Promotion of Tribal culture (CPTC)

Preservation and promotion of Tribal culture has been the part of the activity of the organization. We know that the tribals have very rich culture, feast & festivals, art, myth, stories, songs etc. But today we realize the tribal culture is under threat due to various reasons.

The Tribal Culture programme PEACH started in 1991 with the purpose of preservation & extension of Aboriginal culture. It is intended to create among the tribals awareness, interest, love and pride in their own culture. In 2006 Tribal Museum was completed in order to preserve the tribal art & culture. At the front of the Museum there is a herbal garden of various medicinal plants.  Besides this there is also a library for research and audio-visual section for documentation.

Food Preservation

The unit prepares and preserves various food items from seasonal fruits available in local areas. The unit also gives training to the interested groups and people. The items like pickle, jam, jelly, chutney, candy, and sherbet are prepared to be sold in the market. AROUSE began this programme which was earlier tagged on to the EDP and the SP, but is now developed into an independent industry run by rural women workers.


Skill Development strengthens the ability of individuals to adapt to changing market demands and help benefit from innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Skilled human resource is essential for inclusive growth.

Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) was started in 1981 particularly to promote the youth in various skills of tailoring, knitting of chair, driving light vehicle, mushroom cultivation, poultry, Typing short hand, Pump set repair, weaving and various techniques to non-farming livelihood activity etc. The basic purpose is to provide them with self employment for their income.


Sericulture started in 1987 to enhance the farmer’s capacity for socio-economic self-reliance through silk worm rearing and silk sari production. The former Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand, Shri Prabhat Kumar visited the AROUSE silk unit in 2001. AROUSE enjoys the distinction of displaying its finished products in National & International Trade Fairs. It has been the recipient of the prestigious Seth Baldeo Das Shah National Award in 2000, for its outstanding contribution to sericulture.

Computer Education Center

The computer education center started in 2008 to provide the basic learning on computer to the local students as it is the need of time. We try to give quality education with professional approach. At the end of the course they students are provide with a certificate.

Jeevan Pravesh

This is a unit particularly working for the youth for their spiritual, ethical, motivational and intellectual growth. It is a 6 days residential program, where through various talks, games, group activity, stories they learn about their life and to be positive towards their life. The stage where we are so much excited to venture into another stage is also a stage where the youngster need to be guided, accompanied.  Through Jeevan Pravesh Seminar we give a life orientation to look and reflect deeply into their own life to have a better future.

Communal Harmony

The goal of the organization is to establish peace, harmonious and just society. Keeping in mind we work toward the goal of the organization through various interventions of our project. We also know India is a culture of various religions but we live together which brings beauty of the nation. But in differences there are also some points of discussion we need to understand one another. In order to come together we work towards coming together to understand each other. With this intension we have established “Sarva Dharma Sadbhavana Manch” where the selected people from each religion have made a forum of coming together and to discuss certain theme to understand one another. We celebrate certain feast of each religion to show our unity.