Organization Profile

The ‘Animation Rural Outreach Service’ (AROUSE) was started as an extension for the Social Outreach programs of St. Ignatius High School Gumla in 1978, functioning through 30 centers under the National Adult Education Scheme (‘adult alphabetization program’) covering 52 villages in Gumla, Jharkhand. Over the years, a plethora of development program was taken on among the tribal, oppressed inhabitants of the area. In the mean time the organization became a registered society (Nr. 186, 17.07.1993, Patna, Bihar) and was allotted by the Home Ministry, Delhi, its own FCRA (Nr. 031190124, dtd 03.06.1997, Bihar, and consequently, after the erection of Jharkhand State, Nr. 337740009, dtd 28.01.2003, Ranchi, Jharkhand).

AROUSE is a non-governmental organization working for the economic, political, cultural, social and educational development of the tribal of Gumla Since 1978. Through various developmental activities, AROUSE is lending a helping hand to the tribals irrespective of cast and creed in mobilizing, sensitizing and preparing them for social, economic and cultural development. Having the head office at Gumla today the AROUSE has extended its area of work with four sub-centers in three districts and one Block namely, Simdega, Lohardaga, Ranchi and Chainpur Block since June 2006. These are the areas considered to be the most backward with 66% of tribal population who are the poorest, most vulnerable to exploitation and various diseases and naxalite-hit area.

The organization clearly emphasizes on preservation of human dignity and recognition of ‘the lost, least and last sections of the society’. In essence catering to the interests of the downtrodden marginalized communities and reducing their vulnerabilities has been the core focus of all endeavors and initiatives of AROUSE SOCIETY.

AROUSE is governed by a board headed by Provincial- Ranchi, who becomes the Chairperson cum President of the Society along with others. Activities of AROUSE are managed by its Director, who is an experience development professional. Apart from field staff, numbers of professionals from different background are also engaged and performing their services for successful and smooth functioning of the programme.


AROUSE aims at being a dynamic animation, by creating in the population a sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and pride about their own language and culture heritage, by supporting the tribals in their struggle for the protection of their lands, their tribal social structures and traditions and by safeguarding of their basic human rights. AROUSE rejoices in the cooperation of people belonging to different backgrounds and convictions. Its approach is based on dialogue, ecumenism and professionalism. It consonance with authentic, holistic Indian traditions, it seeks to combine a healthy secularism and scientific approach with the promotion of true religious and ethical values.


As suggested by its name “ANIMATION RURAL OUTREACH SERVICE SOCIETY” the vision of the organization is ‘A peaceful, just, well organized prosperous and self-sustained rural society’.


The mission of the society is to promote social unity, cultural integration, political enlightenment through Animation, Organization, Mobilization, Capacity building, Networking and Advocacy, Assistance and support for sustainable income generation among tribal and other underprivileged communities.

Basic Approach

In its approach to development AROUSE does not play the Santa Claus. It does not give alms, but makes the poor get on their feet and walk. AROUSE consistently tells the tribal participants “YOU DO, WE ARE WITH YOU”. It realizes that its role has to limit itself to accompanying, advising, supporting and whenever necessary, monitoring and streamlining the efforts of the tribal poor. It is aware that ultimately only the poor themselves can achieve their emancipation. They alone can and should be the builders of their future, the authors of their destiny.

Key Objectives

  1. To animate rural development of the poor and oppressed. Enable them to avail of Government facilities for their social, economic, educational and cultural development and awaken their political consciousness.
  2. To mobilize people against injustice and exploitation, and to ensure justice and protection to the oppressed and raise voice against all forms of injustices and discrimination based on religion, caste and community.
  3. To improve living condition of the poor with respect to health & hygiene, drainage, water, electricity, roads, houses etc. to set up cottage and village industries.
  4. To organize social awareness seminars in schools and colleges. To promote adult education and life orientation to the students.
  5. To animate and guide women, children, the handicapped and the other neglected and weaker sections along the path of progress safeguard their rights.
  6. To make legal aid available to the poor and needy. To organize training sessions, cultural shows, festive etc. in order to promote the culture of the tribals and other ethnic minorities. To promote national integration among all groups and sections of the population.
  7. To provide leadership training to women and youth and help them to improve their status in society.
  8. To promote vocational skills and technology among the rural poor to engage them into self employment and income generation.
  9. To prepare and publish writings and audiovisuals promoting the aims of the tribal society.

Area of operation

The area of the work of the Society can be in anywhere in India.

Name & Address of the Organization
(Contact Details of head office)
(Animation Rural Outreach Service) Society,
Sisai Road, Post & Dist- Gumla, Pin Code-835207
Jharkhand, India.

Responsible Person/Contact Person
Fr. Anuranjan Purty s.j.
Mob. No. 8434961095