Animation Rural Outreach Service



Institutional information:


Foundation date:  17.7.1978


Legal status of the organisation

Name of the Founder

Name of the legally Responsible


Name of the Contact Person



Number of staff :

Number of permanent staff:

Number of temporary staff:


Location of the office and geographical area of operation -


Location of the office

a) Headquarter

b) Regional office

c) Regional office

d) Extension office


Operational Area- Gumla, Simdega, Lohardaga & Ranchi Districts of Jharkhand (India)



:     Under Society Registration Act 21, 1860

:     Lt Fr. P.P.Van Nuffel s.j.

:     Fr. Anuranjan Purty s.j. (Director)

      Email- (Mob- 09431146121)

:     Mr. Vivek Roy (Coordinator)

      Email- (Mob- 09431561595)

total: 30         men: 28          women: 22

total: 39         men: 21          women: 18

total:11          men: 07          women: 04

– AROUSE, Sisai Road, Gumla (90 km away from Ranchi town)

– AROUSE, Samtoli, Simdega (80 Km away from Gumla)

– AROUSE, St. Stanislas school, Lohardagga (75 Km away from Ranchi)

– AROUSE, H/O Amit Lakra, Anand Vihar, Ranchi -2 ( Ranchi)